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5 Ways Mindfulness Can Increase Productivity at Work

It’s the first month of the year which, for many of you, is still wrapped in a post-holiday fog. We understand how difficult it is to maintain focus with everything that is going on in the world. Here are some ways in which mindfulness can positively impact your productivity.

Tips to Increase Productivity this Year

  1. Begin your morning with a quick meditation: check out our free Metta meditation to help jumpstart your day. Tip: this meditation is also a good way to close your day.

  2. Be intentional with your to-do list: following your morning meditation, channel your energy and focus into the most important task(s) and accomplish those first.

  3. Manage your energy: block time on your calendar to allow for deeper focus.

  4. Direct your focus: allow your mind to stay on one task before moving to the next.

  5. Take a moment to pause: utilize mindfulness techniques when you get overwhelmed or feel distractions coming on.

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