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Mindfulness Programs for Lawyers and Law Firms

Recent studies show that taking time to step away from one’s desk, taking a few mindful breaths, or meditating can help counteract decision fatigue, stress, lagging motivation, and procrastination. 

That's where we come in.

“I think that a large basis for the prevalence of depression and substance abuse in the legal industry is self-selecting. Lawyers tend to be driven perfectionists, which is often why they entered such a difficult profession. The demands of clients and supervising attorneys tend to exacerbate what in most instances is a pre-existing issue.”

—Andrew Winters, co-founder of Cohen & Winters, a Concord, New Hampshire, firm that focuses on criminal defense, personal injury and family law | Source: ABA Journal

Mental health conditions have work consequences.

Create a live forum for employees to slow down, pause and breathe.

Our corporate offerings

Through live and pre-recorded virtual sessions, participants are empowered to build a personal practice that can be accessed any time, anywhere. 

Let's build out a program that works best for your firm—mix and match:




15 minute virtual brain breaks.

Team members experience live and recorded sessions, guided by be.still's meditation teachers.

Just like our bodies, our minds need training to function at their best.

See example

Wellbeing Webinars

"Ask The Expert" 


Customized wellbeing webinars led by expert psychologists, social workers, and professional leaders in the organizational psychology space.

See example



30-minute or 1-hour yoga sessions focused on reducing stress and mood management led by an expert be.still instructor. All classes focus on connecting breath to movement.

Recording of the class included.

See example

Lawyers need a brain break:

Lawyers are 3.6 times as likely to be depressed as people in other jobs (ABA Journal


26% of all lawyers who seek counseling reported feelings of depression and anxiety

(Dave Nee Foundation)


Lawyers rank 5th in incidence of suicide by occupation

(Dave Nee Foundation)

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