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 I would like to take a moment to thank the wonderful team at be.still for offering Exhale Enterprises a Virtual Wellbeing Retreat. By leading our company and guests through a guided meditation, breathing techniques, and sound healing experience, they created a blissful space to help shift the anxiety and fear during this challenging time during COVID 19. What a valuable gift of peace and calm! Many of our guests and associates have reached out to me with gratitude for the much needed practice and connection.

 Julia Sutton,

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder


Claude Silver,

Chief Heart Officer 


Pressing reset, letting inspiration in, giving us the time to get perspective on our day and lives, and of course enhancing empathy for self and community - these are just some of the gifts that our time with Be.Still has given our company and culture. We are better for it! Thank you for the grace and energy you have given to us at VaynerX.

Be.Still encourages just that. A moment for all of our team to just be still. Time is a gift and it's the most precious one we can give to ourselves to simply focus on our breath. The teachers are incredible and in just 15mins they create a beautiful environment that feels safe, warm and blissful. I love the experience and I know from the feedback I've received from others that they too are so grateful that our company is invested in our mental well being and believe in the practice of mindfulness.

Gregg Meyer, Counsel and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility


During this unprecedented time, be.still provided virtual meditation sessions as an outlet for our employees. We discovered how to find calm and create work/life balance. 


Be.still meditation has been an incredible addition to Madden's wellness initiative. Participation and enthusiasm has far exceeded our expectation.

Lisa Buckley,

Executive VP



Helene Weissburg,

National Philanthropy Manager 


In times of uncertainty, we all need to be reminded to breathe. The be.still team brought their meditation expertise to our staff and agents creating space, building connections, and deepening our community. No matter what our usual practice - we all left feeling present and grateful.

I like to promote wellness as an investment in people, and it shows up as a positive ROI.

Dr. Stefanie Simmons

VP Patient and Clinician Experience


I would like to take a moment to thank the wonderful meditation offerings by be.still’s teachers.  By leading our group in a daily meditation during the COVID pandemic, be.still’s teachers have given a valuable gift of peace and calm to our company.  Many of our daily participants have reached out to me with thanks for the mediations and gratitude for the practice.

Jason Rubach,

Med Supp Experts


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