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Create space for a brain break

Recent studies show that taking time to step away from one’s desk, taking a few mindful breaths, or meditating can help counteract decision fatigue, stress, lagging motivation, and procrastination. 


Through virtual and or in person sessions, participants are empowered to build a personal practice that can be accessed any time, anywhere. 


be.still provides  customized Corporate Meditation Wellness Programs to align with your company's culture, values, and goals.  

Our corporate offerings



In office or virtually, team members experience live and recorded sessions, guided by be.still's meditation teachers.

Just like our bodies, our minds need training to function at their best.

We offer fifteen-minute meditation sessions + the recording for on-demand meditation later.

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Wellbeing Webinars

"Ask The Expert" 


Customized webinars for emotional wellness led by expert psychologists, social workers, and professional leaders in the organizational psychology space.


30-minute or 1-hour yoga session led by an expert instructor. All classes focus on connecting breath to movement.

Recording of the class included.

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