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Kula for Karma brings therapeutic yoga, meditation, and stress management programs to those recovering from mental health, trauma, and addiction challenges.

Geri Topfer and Penni Feiner are the visionaries behind Kula for Karma, a successful NGO founded in 2006 which offers therapeutic yoga and mindfulness to populations struggling with mental health, trauma, and addictions. Motivated by their entrepreneurial spirits, Topfer and Feiner are true believers in a Whole Person integrative approach to treatment. Tireless advocates in maximizing Kula for Karma’s impact, Topfer and Feiner have generated meaningful partnerships with hospital systems, treatment centers, and homeless youth and crisis centers.

After years of cultivating curriculum and in-the-field practice, Kula for Karma’s founders created be.still, a for profit company with a focus on shifting corporate culture toward a foundation of well-being and social responsibility. With a mission to bring mindfulness and meditation into all levels of the corporate setting, be.still is committed to helping manage the effects of daily workplace obstacles, including stress, anxiety, and burnout.

“Employees want a greater sense of purposeful work, making a positive impact on society,” says Topfer. “

Organizations are recognizing the long term benefits of implementing the model of social change into core business practices.” be.still, hand-in-hand with Kula for Karma as their social impact partner, is customizing mindfulness programs with a goal for all employees, to reach their highest potential.

Visit Kula for Karma website.

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