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Stillness Team





Geri Topfer is a seasoned professional with a solid spiritual foundation and an entrepreneurial mindset. She is a certified educator and inspirational speaker who passionately touts the virtues of integrative medicine and holistic healing. As Founder and President of Kula for Karma and leading member of their board of directors, Geri tirelessly advocates for the Kula for Karma mission, establishing strategic and meaningful partnerships with hospital systems, schools, treatment centers, homeless youth and crisis centers and yoga communities. 


Geri has successfully built the organization from infancy to its current national prominence. In spite of the many demands of her role, Geri is committed to addressing the stress and burnout epidemic happening in the workplace. Introducing mindfulness in the corporate space, Geri will help shift corporate culture and cultivate an overall sense of whole person health, productivity and wellbeing. 


As Executive Director of Kula for Karma, Penni brings passion, drive and unwavering conviction to everything she does. A leading member of Kula’s innovative team, Penni will tell you without a moment’s hesitation, that it is an honor to serve as Kula’s ED. Along with her family, Kula for Karma, and the practice of moment to moment awareness, Penni savors each day with grace and gratitude.  


As a life- long learner Penni continues to expand her repertoire.  Dedicated to the path of yoga for 17 years. Penni, brings her heartfelt, soulful voice and the practice of Bhakti yoga to life on and off the mat. Known for her exquisite musical talents, Penni integrates sound with movement, encouraging participants to open their hearts and explore their own inner song.


Today, Penni’s commitment to her inner landscape exploration, inspires her drive to bring mindfulness and stress resilience to the corporate space.


Our Teachers

Kristin Moshonas

Forever a student of life, love and experience, Kristin believes we can learn and grow the most from observing ourselves in the everyday; that slight shifts in breath, movement and perspective have the power to open up new ways of living and being in the world.    Meditation can help. Drawing on real life, nature and practical tools that we all hold within ourselves to discover, Kristin believes that a regular 15 minute guided practice will offer positive and freeing possibilities to all.

Michele sapanaro

Michele Sapanaro is a yoga instructor, meditation guide and healing arts practitioner with 15+ years of experience. She trains individuals to create customized practices that bridge the gap between where they are in their lives and where they want to be. Michele’s natural gifts as a teacher led her to fuse yoga, meditation, pranayama, and Reiki to transform her own health and life and then support others on their journey.

megan eastman

The moment I walked into a yoga studio I knew my life forever changed. I’ve spent the past 12 years of my life dedicated to learning all I could about this life changing practice. I am a 500hr E-RYT, co founder of The Inspired Life Yoga School and have an extensive background in meditation and Breathwork. 

The beauty of yoga is its capacity to meet you where you’re at and provide a clear path to mind, body and soul wellbeing. I am honored to have this as my life’s work.

JOdy Domerstad

Jody Domerstad is a seasoned educator in body, mind, philosophy, and healthful living.  And feels strongly, as an echo of her own healing journey, that no one should suffer. The positive and lasting effects of yoga were so life changing for her that she has dedicated her life to sharing what she’s learned so others can benefit.

With a masterful knowledge of alignment, a keen eye for detail, and her laser precision with words, Jody’s students and fellow teachers alike have deemed her “the teacher of teachers.

Thara Natalie 

From singer to Spirit Warrior, Thara Natalie, feels blessed to have found the connection between physical movement, mental stillness and nutrition.   This is her trifecta for success in all areas of life.  She puts all of this into practice as a yoga studio owner & teacher, a health coach and a Master Reiki healer.  Her greatest gift is helping her clients to go deeper; making shifts throughout mind, body and spirit

Lilly Balch

Lilly Balch is a therapeutic yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and creator/host of The Morning Ritual Podcast. She seeks to support your sense of presence, internal strength, and inner peace through a balanced combination of movement and stillness


I’ll be a student of yoga for as long as I’m alive! For 2 decades I’ve been a devoted student of Todd Norian's,  the founder of Ashaya Yoga. I am teaching Ashaya Yoga and soon will be offering 200 hour Teacher Trainings, workshops and immersions. Over the decades, I’ve studied with masterful scholars and yoga greats such as Douglas Brooks, Bill Mahony, Todd Norian, Desiree Rumbaugh, Alejandra Siroka, Sianna Sherman and Christopher Hareesh Wallis.  My deepest desire is to inspire you to experience awakening into the splendor of your life. 

jody potter

Jody Bryan Potter is a 500-hour-certified yoga and meditation teacher based in Western Massachusetts. Her teaching and retreat opportunities often take her to New York, Miami, Central America, and Europe. She has been a student and practitioner of meditation since 1974 and continues to study with Dr. Paul Muller Ortega at Blue Throat Yoga. 

Julianne Aerhee

Landing on my yoga mat was an intimate invitation into my internal landscape and it continues to be one full of inquiry, insight and expansion. I am co-founder of The Inspired Life Yoga School, and co-founder of Rise & SoulShine, a community event that creates meaningful change off the yoga mat.  My soul’s purpose is to lead people through the exploration of movement and stillness to feel intimately at home in their body, breath and heart. 

Stephanie naru

Motivated by her teachers, peers, environment and travels, Stephanie aims to bring a unique blend of empowerment, inspiration + serenity to each of her classes. She teaches in a way that encourages her students to experience a vigorous physical practice with attention to careful alignment as well as freedom and emotional release. In her classes you can expect a creative joyful flow incorporating inspirational music, pranayama breathing techniques, readings, mantras & chants



Jennifer Graf is a licensed clinical social worker psychotherapist in Tenafly NJ and in her private practice specializes in stress management and couples counseling. In 2015 she helped initiate the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine at Englewood Health, providing acupuncture, Reiki, yoga, holistic nutritional counseling, meditation and other stress management modalities to the patients of the hospital and the general community.  



The embodiment of grace and compassion from deep within her soul is the essence of Lynda's teaching. She creates the space for her students to feel safe and supported regardless of their experience with the practice. 

Lynda has been teaching yoga and meditation for 10 years and is also certified as a "Yoga of Recovery" counselor, as well as a Reiki Master. 

phil schuster

A former music industry executive, Phil started practicing Yoga 17 years ago to rehab a back injury and decided to pursue a career in Yoga after leaving an industry job.  He completed his 500 hour ISHTA yoga teacher training program studying under ISHTA founders Alan Finger & Sarah Platt-Finger.  Phil teaches virtual classes for ISHTA, Manhattan Athletic Club, Weill Cornell, Gilda's Club and in dozens of commercial and residential buildings across NYC.

daniel cornsweet

Daniel is a 300 YTT certified yoga and meditation teacher based out of Miami, Fl.  Having spent the past ten years working in investment banking and real estate while studying yoga as a passion, he blends his organic knowledge of the corporate environment with the principles of yoga to provide individuals and businesses with the tools to maximize mental and physical capacity, manage stress, and increase fulfillness and quality of life.

Brianna Cummins

I discovered yoga during an incredibly challenging time in my life. Immediately upon taking my first class, a sense of peace and calm came over me that I had been searching for as long I can remember. I have since developed a strong passion for guiding others to find more peace, gratitude, and self-love through movement, breath, and guided meditation practices. By developing a regular practice, we can learn to live more mindfully and intentionally in all areas of our lives. 



I am a Healing Arts Practitioner, providing yoga and sound healing services to corporate offices, country clubs, treatment centers and yoga studios throughout LA County. In early 2009 I was introduced to yoga and immediately fell in love with the physical challenge of the practice.  In 2014, I began my journey to becoming a teacher. Recently I’ve been teaching full time, hosting sold out events, offering destination retreats and continuing to spread my love and knowledge for the yoga practice to a wide range of demographics. I also specialize in Prenatal, Yin Yoga, PTSD, Aromatherapy and Sound Healing.



Babs is a wellbeing warrior based in Dublin, Ireland.  After 20 years working in the Not for Profit sector she realized that she wanted to set up her own business as a meditation teacher.  Her passion in life is to empower people to connect with their own potential by cultivating deliberate self-care and compassion practices.   She is a kind, gentle and soulful teacher who encourages her students to find stillness in the sanctuary within.  Her intention is to support people to heal and grow. 

erica galia

A conscious connector, meditation advocate and co-founder of ROOTED beings, Erica Galia is compelled and driven by her desires. She has a passion for supporting and helping companies, brands and human beings grow, flourish and make larger imprints on the motherly earth, to tap deeper and deeper into their roots through meaningful connection, mindfulness and pure love and compassion.



Samantha is an Australian yoga & meditation teacher whose vibrancy has been cultivated through a consistent practice that has truly changed her life. She is dedicated to empowering others with knowledge & tools to achieve a more expansive, connected, joyful & self-aware existence of their own.

As Yoga Alliance RYT-500, certified in Vinyasa, Yin & Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, & a 1 Giant Mind certified Meditation teacher, Sam is increasingly interested in the deeper & more subtle energies that govern our existence & how we can harness these to assist in our passage toward personal growth & evolution. 



My desire to teach came soon after recovery from surgery for a brain tumor. I had experienced the amazing therapeutic effects of yoga and meditation in my body and mind. I could no longer withhold this wealth of knowledge and had to share it with others! I am continuously in awe of how the paths of yoga and meditation can transcend one's being for the better. I am grateful to serve and guide practitioners through their journey along this path of physical and mental wellness.

Jennifer Capo

After 10 plus years working in international positions within media and tech, Jennifer's greatest role yet is teaching.  

She currently runs events and is the academy director for an online meditation company.  

Her teaching style is accessible, relatable, and a bit of fun.  What brings a smile to her face is supporting others in finding

their inner strength and unique expression.  

Brogan ganley

Brogan is a mental health advocate and has been teaching meditation for over a decade. She received meditation and yoga teachings in India, Nepal, New Zealand, England, Spain and the USA. Brogan develops Mindfulness and Wellness programing for  hospitals, corporate environments, community organizations and schools. She works in private practice with individuals of all ages to help relieve stress and anxiety as well as those experiencing illness or grief.  Brogan created the Art of Meditation program which incorporates art making, mindfulness and meditation – enhancing creativity and managing stress and anxiety. Brogan is a registered Yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, a Mother and is continuously curious and learning.

Katie zion

​​Katie is a meditation teacher, avid yogi, dancer and wellbeing enthusiast. She is committed to exploring the profound connection between the mind and body. This curiosity helped establish her self-care toolbox and fuels her journey as both a student and teacher.



Loretta is New Jersey-bred, San Diego-based certified mindfulness & leadership coach, 500-HR yoga teacher, and nonprofit consultant. She is an active member of her nonprofit community, both as a seasoned professional and a devout volunteer. She has always worked within human service organizations, emphasizing mindfulness, compassion, and diversity awareness in her leadership roles. Loretta strongly believes that “it only works if you do,” and she’ll always encourage you to put the work in!



​​In 2005, Alex found Meditation and instantly fell in love with the peace of mind she observed during her practice.  By 2009, she completed her first 200 hour RYT and immediately began teaching the local community through studios and her own donation-based service work.  Since then, Alex has continued her teaching practice and pursued further education with Off the Mat, Into the World, a 1 year residency at the Mount Madonna Center, along with RYTs in Power yoga, Yin yoga and Yoga. Psyche. Soul.  

Sara Tumey

Sara is an ERYT-500, Teacher Trainer, Breath Coach and a Yoga Therapist Candidate. She is an anatomy geek and finds the mind, body and breath connection fascinating. When not on her mat, you can find Sara at her desk job so she fully understands and appreciates the importance of a meditation practice. She came to her yoga mat to initially find her own downtime and space away from her hectic desk job. Not sharing the yoga practice with others would be selfish since she has found the yoga tools to be a necessity for creating balance in her own life. 

Jillian Lindsey

Jillian Lindsey is a Racial Healing and Leadership Coach who uses a trauma-sensitive approach to support executives, business leaders, and individuals with integrating their relationship to racial dynamics, cultural identity, and equitable and sustainable business practices together with their leadership and impact on the world, all while leading from the heart.  Through her Racial Healing workshops, she has supported countless people on their journey to understand, identify, and disrupt bias; what being an ally truly means; and how to live authentically, and comfortably in our true power as leaders, without giving into a guilt or shame spiral. Prior to becoming a Coach, Jillian invested over 15 years in corporate America, as a trusted advisor to CEOs and C-suite executives in finance, fashion, and biotech.  She embraces compassion, humor, ambition, grace, and ease, as core values in her coaching practice.

karen dillon

I was introduced to yoga in 1991 at the age of 25 during a pivotal moment in my life. Soon after meditation took hold of me too.  Meditation has become a daily practice for me for the last several years and I am grateful to share this gift of grace with others.  My yoga and meditation classes are a space for my students and I to journey a path together of gentle awareness of our thoughts, attitudes and actions, using our awareness to line up ourselves with who we truly want to be and at the same time getting comfortable with a true connection with ourselves.

chet gold

Chet Gold is a multi-disciplinary artist, born and raised in the Bronx. He has a BFA in Fine Arts with a focus on Illustration from Pratt Institute. His current employment as a Security Supervisor at the Museum of Modern Art is framed as a “residency” which allows him to use art, and in particular his art, as a way to love and support himself. While at MoMA, Chet established the first staff-led MoMA weekly meditation session. "Being Gold is about being honest, in relation to my word, and with intentional actions to live a high integrity life no matter what I do.”

kimani divine

KiMani Divine is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, meditation teacher, published author, and an expert in sacred healing retreats. She is also a Licensed Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living. Through her nineteen years of spiritual practice, meditation, Reiki Master teacher, yoga, and deep interpersonal work through traveling on sacred journeys KiMani has developed a respect for cultural differences. She has spent the last 7 years working in both the private and corporate sectors. She describes herself as a serving leader, who thrives when helping others tap into their unlimited potential. 

bella maia

I have been an athlete my whole life; a competitive swimmer turned circus artist to be more exact. After a great loss in my life, I stumbled into a yoga class and I have never been the same. Yoga, breath and meditation have been a vital part of my daily life and have become a passion I love to share with others. 

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