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Pause & Learn

15 Pause & Learn Sessions

Our be.still corporate wellness webinars feature facilitators and topic experts to help your team integrate tools for navigating these unprecedented times. 
Through these webinars, you'll get evidence-based mental health skills, neuroscience, and mindful strategies and resources to create a mindful and intentional system for taking charge of your well-being and learning how to self-regulate.  

Get to know the experts.

Webinar Themes and Topics

Waking Up To Your Best Self 
Positive Energy To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Goals & Gratitude 

Cooking Demo: Making Healthy Energizing Snacks


Tips to Manage Burnout 

Re-charge Self Care Tools 

Motivate and Inspire 

Nutrition: How to Incorporate Clean Eating into Your Life

Let's Stretch Chair Yoga

Customized wellbeing webinars for motivation and emotional wellness led by expert psychologists, social workers, and professional facilitators.

Mini Webinars

Get to know our experts

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Pam Christian

Pam Christian is a mindset coach, motivational speaker and host of “The Juice” podcast, where she features in- depth conversations with cutting-edge and inspiring individuals from all walks of life. Pam’s work encompasses helping her clients transform their lives by eliminating self-created barriers, maximizing their full potential and dramatically increasing their effectiveness on both personal and professional levels. Pam has become a highly sought-after social media influencer whose mission is to help heal humanity by inspiring and motivating others to live their best lives. 


Jillian Lindsey

Jillian Lindsey is a Racial Healing and Leadership Coach who uses a trauma-sensitive approach to support executives, business leaders, and individuals with integrating their relationship to racial dynamics, cultural identity, and equitable and sustainable business practices together with their leadership and impact on the world, all while leading from the heart.  Through her Racial Healing workshops, she has supported countless people on their journey to understand, identify, and disrupt bias; what being an ally truly means; and how to live authentically, and comfortably in our true power as leaders, without giving into a guilt or shame spiral.  Jillian believes by forming a safe, yet brave space for honest conversations about our shared experiences, dreams, and goals, we begin to discover our own unique path to overcoming obstacles in the way of creating the relationships, the workplace culture, the life, and the community we most desire.

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Dr. Larry Rosen

Lawrence Rosen, M.D. is an integrative pediatrician and founder of the Whole Child Center. He is the co-author of “Treatment Alternatives for Children,” an evidence-informed guide for parents interested in natural solutions for common childhood ailments A graduate of New York Medical College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he completed his residency and chief residency in pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Dr. Rosen received his yoga teacher certification under the guidance of Ben Wisch and Denise DeLuca. As a member of Kula for Karma’s Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Rosen teaches yoga and meditation to medical students at the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University.


Dr. Maria Sirois

Dr. Maria Sirois is an inspirational speaker, consultant, and licensed psychologist who has worked in the fields of wellness and positive psychology for twenty years.  As a positive psychologist (Psy.D.) she focuses on the resilience of the human spirit particularly when under chronic stress, during significant transitions, and/or feeling the shock of wholesale change. 


Dr. Shari Becker

Dr. Shari Becker is a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice in Ridgewood, NJ. Dr. Becker completed a 200 hour health and wellness coach and yoga teacher certification in 2014. She teaches a weekly class of therapeutic yoga, breath work, meditation and mindfulness. She co-taught at Kula for Karma’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training for Disordered Eating and Body Image Issues and co-wrote the manual for that training. She has offered webinars and talks on self-care for women, stress management and the integration of yoga and psychotherapy.  


Michelle Sapanaro

Michele Sapanaro is a yoga instructor, meditation guide and healing arts practitioner with 15+ years of experience. She trains individuals to create customized practices that bridge the gap between where they are in their lives and where they want to be.

She holds additional certifications in Yin, Chair, Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga, and is a Certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Michele began meditating in 2005, and is now a Certified Meditation Teacher. 

Audrey Zona.png

Audrey Zona

Audrey Zona is an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach specializing in the psychology of eating. She trained with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating—the world’s leading school in Nutritional Psychology.

Audrey believes that outer beauty is a reflection of inner health and champions all things beauty, health and wellness related. A lifelong advocate of clean eating, Audrey mentors her clients to make empowered food choices and transform their nutritional habits. She successfully creates a

personalized roadmap that encourages a healthy lifestyle, a positive relationship with food and a balanced rhythm of nutrition, health and fitness for each unique client. Audrey founded ZoHealthy as a way to share her passion for health and wellness.

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Kerrian Fournier

Kerrian is the CEO & Founder of Vybrante Ventures, a professional services company specializing in both HR & Compensation Consulting, as well as High-Performance Coaching.   Kerrian is certified as a coach through iPEC (the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), which is one of the preeminent coaching certification programs in the world.  She currently coaches both high-performing executives and entrepreneurs, as well as up-and-coming young professionals.  She is a sought-after speaker on the topics of team effectiveness, human capital, innovation, and building a vibrant corporate culture. She has spoken at WorldatWork, Center for Effective Organizations at USC, March & McLennan Inc., Mercer, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Symbol Technologies, and many more.


Dmitra Danilenko-Dixon

Dmitra Danilenko-Dixon is a trained and licensed mental health professional holding a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, LPC, NCC, and is trained in EMDR Therapy. 


Dmitra’s work is central to working professionals who are seeking to make real changes through understanding, awareness, and dedication to empowering individuals towards mental wellness therefore, creating opportunity for your orginization to leverage and execute its values in a tangible way that supports your queer team members and their allies.

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