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Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation  

You can begin by settling into a comfortable seat.  

Allow your hands to rest on your lap and for your shoulders to soften away from the  ears. Gently close your eyes and allow your mind to settle into the awareness of your  body and for you body to settle into the support beneath you….Begin to take slow,  long, deep breaths…breathing in fully and out completely. Take a few more long, slow  breaths…..Now allow your breath to be natural, to be easy. Noticing the wave-like  movements of the belly as you breathe…  

In this practice, we’ll be cultivating loving kindness. We all have within us, this natural  capacity for lovingkindness. It’s a natural opening of a compassionate heart…to  ourselves and to others. And we will begin by developing lovingkindness toward  ourselves…so allow yourself to open up to your basic goodness and visualize yourself  receiving the following phrases. Repeating silently in your mind….. 

May I be safe, 

May I be happy 

May I be healthy 

And may I live with ease. 

Letting yourself bask in the energy of lovingkindness…breathing it in…and breathing it  out…inviting feelings of peace and acceptance…Now bring to mind someone who is  dear to you. Someone whom you care about and who has always been supportive.  Reflect on this person’s basic goodness and feel your appreciation for them. Visualize  this person receiving the following phrases. Repeating silently in your mind….. 

May you be safe 

May you be happy 

May you be healthy 

And may you live with ease. 

Now we will extend our awareness beyond ourself, beyond our loved ones, our  communities and include all beings everywhere…Aware of all the joys and sorrows that  all beings experience… Visualize all beings receiving the following phrases. Repeating  silently in your mind….. 

May all beings be safe 

May all beings be happy 

May all beings be healthy 

And may all beings live with ease. 

Really nice. And now, bringing this practice to a close by extend kindness to yourself  once again. Sitting for as long as you need to bask in the energy of loving kindness that  may have been generated here. And we will finish off with a deep breath in and a  complete breath out. 

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