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Redefining Generosity

be.still selects Kula for Karma as it’s Social Impact Partner!

Susan Cooney, head of global diversity, equity and inclusion at Symantec, said "The next generation of employees is seeking out employers that are focused on the triple bottom line: people, planet and revenue. Companies are encouraged to put their increased profits into programs that give back."

Kula for Karma launched fourteen years ago. Geri Topfer, recognizing her own vulnerability and the importance of resilience, had a dream. Her contagious motivating energy provided the seed from which Kula was born. Manifested by Geri, and brought to life by Penni Feiner, Geri’s dream and a dynamic partnership came to life. Kula offers therapeutic yoga and mindfulness to populations struggling with mental health, trauma and addiction. We were on a mission to change the face of healthcare, inspiring medical professionals to write prescriptions for their patients to experience our integrative services.

Today we are thrilled to share that yoga and mindfulness are included in a “whole person” approach to treatment, and Kula is front and center in the mental health arena. With time, patience and unwavering commitment on our side, we’ve expanded our programming nationally, inspiring over 1000 mindful practitioners, hiring program managers, development directors and HR staff to support our operations.

While putting together a succession plan, we took a step back to mindfully think about Kula for Karma, the essence of what we do, and our method of creating magic. We recognize that we are a staffing company, recruiting and placing yoga and meditation teachers, while providing program site support. Our vision has always been motivated by working to make Kula sustainable and identifying ways to keep Kula thriving long after we are gone. Like our children, we want Kula to thrive, to fly on its own, and continue to serve with grace and grit. Voila! be.still was born. By creating a for profit company, we moved into the corporate space where companies are prioritizing employee mental health, ready to embrace wellness, the need for employee retention, and address the needs of employees longing for tools to manage anxiety, depression and burnout.

Daily engagement is at the core of everything we build! Now more than ever companies envision a reimagined workplace, creating a culture of mindfulness and a strong sense of community during these unprecedented times.

be.still is a staffing company with a curated team of expert meditation teachers providing live virtual be.still 15 minute “brain break” sessions and wellness webinars integrated into the workday. With Kula for Karma as our social impact partner, our dream of organizational sustainability has become our reality.

We believe businesses have a unique responsibility to unlock human potential and be a force for social change. Together we thrive!

With great respect and gratitude.

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